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Top 5 possible characters that might join Ultra Street Fighter IV



Capcom took the world by storm when they announced Ultra Street Fighter IV, the next update to the more than popular SFIV. The company revealed that this new update will add 5 new characters including Rolento, Elena, Hugo, Poison and a 5th mystery character yet to be revealed. Capcom later dropped few hints regarding the identity of this warrior confirming that while he is very much related to the franchise he has never been a playable character in any fighting game. So armed with this info, as well as an extensive knowledge of the Street Fighter lore we present you our top 5 contenders for the mystery character spot in Ultra Street Fighter IV:

5. Sarai

A big fan favorite this one, Ibuki’s bestie, Sarai has always been overshadowed by the Street Fighter girls and as the more disciplined of the two, should have what it takes to compete.


Why Sarai?

Sarai has often featured in the Street Fighter story, and even features as an NPC in Street Fighter X Tekken.  Since Ultra has a big “X Tekken” theme to it, Sarai could be a pretty solid bet.



  • Sarai finally getting to fight, and getting her own side of the story will put a smile on a lot of Ibuki fans’ faces.


  • It’s hard to tell what new things she could bring to the table.  Surely she’d fight just like Ibuki?

4. Dorai

Police Captain, father of Chun-li and rumoured originator of the spinning bird kick; he and Gen trained together and taught Chun Li and Fei Long.

Fans of the animated series, or anyone who remembers the epic “…for me, it was Tuesday” scene from SF: The Movie will know that it’s widely considered that Dorai is dead; killed at the orders of M.Bison.  However, Dorai has faked his death before in order to hide from Shadaloo…could he emerge once again?


Why Dorai?

With Bison (and seemingly, Shadaloo) vanquished by Akuma, Dorai didn’t have a reason to come back (if he was hiding).  The fact that Bison survived through Rose, and is back in the spotlight in SFIV may mean that Dorai must return to take him and Shadaloo down, once and for all.



  • Seeing the original forms of Chun Li’s moves would be great, and with a nice Bison-vengeance story to boot.
  • This is the year of Gen popularity, Dorai could be the Ken to his Ryu.
  • Possible rival story with Dudley over who has the best mustache?


  • Kung Fu fighters generally go by un-noticed in Street Fighter, it’s already a shame to see Chun-li left by the wayside, without her dad being sat next to her
  • Quite possibly dead


3. Ojou-San

Ojou-San is Goukens (adopted) daughter who features briefly in early Street Fighter publications.  It was originally written that she gave Ryu his red bandana, although in later publications, this role has been taken by Ken, following a sparring session.  Of the few pictures of Ojou San, all have been shot-down as non-canon or simply not her…all except for one (see bottom left):


Why Ojou-San?

A popular rumor in Japan, spurred on by the below image, is that Makoto is in-fact Ojou-San and her original introduction into SFIII was going to accommodate this.  Makoto’s style often resembles Shoto, and often resembles the style of Goukens friend, and Street Fighter veteran, Retsu.  Although Makoto already has a confirmed father in the SF canon; with Gouken back on the scene in SFIV, maybe a less-muddled explanation will find its way out of the woodwork?



  • Ojou-san could bring forth another part of the Ryu and Ken storyline, shedding some more light on the early years.
  • The possibility of an original, Goutetsu-line female Shoto is intriguing.


  • Almost undoubtedly another Shoto, albeit a female one.  I like my Shoto’s, (Ken+Ryu4LYFE!) but we really have plenty.

2. Goutetsu

Master to Akuma and Gouken, he is the only person known to use the Satsui no Hado without succumbing to its allure.  His Shotokan skills were designed with the intent to kill and he taught the two brothers both the good and evil aspects of it, each taking their own interpretation.  Akuma famously murdered him with his Shun Goku Satsu and proudly still flaunts Goutetsu’s prayer beads around his neck.

Gouken was beaten in a similar fashion, and claims to have survived using Goutestsu’s skill of emptying his soul of emotions; a method also adopted by Gen when he survived Akuma’s attack.  The Shun Goku Satsu is said to drag you to hell and beat your soul with its own sins.  Since Goutetsu not only mastered the the Shun Goku Satsu, but also the method to survive it, it’s possible that he is still out there somewhere.


Why Goutetsu?

Gouken and Akuma are back on the scene, and with Akuma’s sublimation into Oni, a Gouken/Goutetsu team-up may be in order.

One interesting theory; remember Goutetsu’s prayer beads? Gouken has one in his hair and Akuma/Oni holds the others.  Could Goutetsu be living on in the beads, much like Bison lived on in Rose, and reuniting them could bring him back?



  • With Akuma and Gouken clashing in SFIV, seeing Goutetsu conclude the story in its Ultra edition would be one for the history books.
  • Goutetsu’s style would be a perfect blend of Akuma’s evil Shoto style and Gouken’s peaceful Shoto style.  Parries and demon flips all over the place.


  • ANOTHER Shoto!? What’s the count?
  • Again….he’s probably dead.

1. Tom

I’ve said it a million times, where the hell is Alex!?  The main protagonist for SFIII has truly done a disappearing act on us all, and with the likes of T.Hawk, Zangief, El Fuerte and now Hugo grappling all over Street Fighter 4, it just doesn’t seem right that he’s not going to make an appearance.  There is hope, however, in Alex’s friend and mentor, Tom.

Tom is Alex’s trainer, who lost to Gill, resulting in Alex’s quest in SFIII, so maybe it’s his turn to go after the title of World Champion in SFIV?


Why Tom?

With the lack of Alex, comes a lack of American wrestling; that might sound like a good thing to many, but Alex was a welcome addition to SFIII.  The combination of speed and style made him a really fun character choice, and since Tom is the source of all that, he can only be better.  Tom would also add a little closure and connective-tissue between SFIII and SFIV (or should i say between SFIV and SFIII since 4 comes before 3 in the SF story).


  • A treat for all the SFIII and Alex fans out there
  • Fast, flashy wrestling, rather than the slow clunkyness of some of the current big-bodied players


  • Is he too much of a rip-off of a Ronin/Leon era Jean Reno?


So there you have it ladies and gents, our top 5 list for the most probable addition to Ultra Street Fighter IV. If you think there is another character we forgot to mention, please let us know in the comments section, and aake sure to follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on everything Street Fighter


  1. Don’t disappoint yourselves. The last character is Roxy. (Poison palette swap). It screams the name “CAPCOM” in it.

    A more concrete dream choice, is El Gado or some other missing Mad Gear guy.

  2. I think Goutetsu and Tom are my 2 favorite picks, as a fan. CAN WE NOT JUST HAVE ULTRA ALREADY!?

  3. I actually thought it could be Zeku, Guy’s master or other related characters to someone existing. However if the old statement of Capcom that said “he will be a totally new one” is literally true, then I think he could be someone who can add some background to Street Fighter IV and III, maybe someone who can establish a connection between the two chapters (or moreover to V).

    in this case is quite hard to know what kind of character we are going to see, althought I always wondered in SFIV why Seth has similar moves to Gill/Urien, is it something related to the Bison’s ending of Capcom Fighting Evolution? maybe the answer is behind such new fighter (I don’t think so, but who knows?)

  4. It’s Haggar, mark my words……

  5. @Mard: The new character has never been playable in a FG, until now, and Haggar was playable in FF Revenge and the Slam Masters games before so its not him.

  6. Tom is number 1 in terms of possibility? How? I bet not even Capcom remember that he even existed. Goutetsu or Ojou would be awesome, though.