Misc, Super Street Fighter IV — November 1, 2009 at 8:46 am

Things to retain from the Micromania videos



The micromania show videos posted earlier are in french, and luckily for you, fellow reader, French is my second language. So here are the highlights of the what Ono San said:

– The SF team wanted Juri to please both Fei long players and Cammy players as she is a blend of the 2
– Ono San asked the audience what other character they wanted to be in ssf4, people shouted a lot of names but mainly Makoto. Ono then said that one of the shouted names is in SSF4. He then said, just as Seth Killian told me, that more characters will be revealed before the end of the year.
-Ono also asked the fans what other game they want to see using the game engine, most of the crowd screamed Rival Schools.
– Ono san also said that it seems a lot of people want a Dakstalkers using the sf4 engine and (wait for it….) a STREET FIGHTER III 4th Strike

Ono then satted that he understand that a SSF4 Arcade version is crucial to make the game popular and is very important for Japan. He also said that he will try to push some buttons and have the team start working on an Arcade version of Super Street Fighter 4, but he can’t promise anything.

From all this statements, i think its pretty much confirmed to expect Makoto in SSF4 as well as an arcade upgrade to SF4.

I must say though that i am surprised that Ono san stated SF3 4th strike really surprised me. It should not be hard to do though, just add more sf2 characters to the 3rd strike cast and increase the resolution via an HD filter, add some better music and an online mode and count me a happy fella.