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Daigo vs. Xian: The Beast Clinic is Open for Business!


Today is a day that will live in infamy… Okay, maybe that’s a little melodramatic, but the sentiment is true. The Daigo v.s. Xian ft 10 match that took place was a spectacle to behold for daigo fans, and a crushing defeat for supporters of Evolution 2013 champion Xian.

Match 1

Daigo starts with his patented zoning techniques, forcing gen to make first aggression. The beast lands a sweep and follows up with a nice crossup tatsu, a move he successfully landed countless times throughout this set. At about 60 seconds remaining the health is about even, however Daigo lands an ex fireball into ultra, almost taking gen out. Xian attempts to salvage the round but eats a jump back heavy kick from Daigo, ending the round.

Round 2, Xian lands a very nice 14 hit combo doing good damage against Ryu. The blocking ability of both these players was quite the display, especially Daigo, blocking nearly every crossup from Gen. Diago, having stocked his super meter, was able to punish hands from Gen on block, leading to the victory. 1-0 Daigo

Match 2

Xhi lands a focus attack crumple into combo early in the match, followed by a crossup leaving Ryu at about 50% life. At about 60 seconds the health advantage had been lost by Xian, and it is tied at around 25% life per character. Xian goes for a whiffed oga setup in the corner against Daigo, allowing for him to mix him up and land the round winning hit.

Round 2, Daigo remains solid while displaying some of the best blocking skills I have ever seen. Xian is unable to effectively open Ryu up at all, and eventually loses the round.

At the beginning of round 3, Daigo begins moving towards the corner in order to limit Gen’s crossup abilities. However Xian does manage to land a disrespectful 3 throws in a row,  but ends up cornered due to this. Xian chooses to use all of his meter to avoid a crossup from ryu in the corner, but the clock at this point is rapidly ticking down. At around 5 seconds, Daigo uses his ultra meter for a timer scam, and having the life lead takes the round. 2-0 Daigo

Match 3

Daigo drops a link near the beginning of the match, and gets punished for his mistake by a waterfall kick from Gen. The players trade hits back and forth throughout this round, however a unique 4 hit link from Daigo nets him the round.  In round 2, Daigo dominates. Gen’s setups look almost useless against him while Daigo’s solid play gives him the round. 3-0 Daigo

Match 4

Xian is starting to look nervous by this point in the first to 10 set, laughing at nothing with a strange grin on his face. As round 1 begins, Daigo is favoring ambiguous jumping lk and crossup tatsus, which land consistently or lead into good pressure for the Ryu legend, allowing for an easy round 1 victory.

Round 2 Daigo is starting to look much more aggressive, cornering Gen very quickly. However, even with better position, a lack of consistent anti airs from Xian allows much of Ryu’s pressure to go unchallenged. 4-0 Daigo

Match 5

Daigo continues with some of the most solid play ever seen in street fighter, blocking every setup from Xian’s Gen, including a very tricky Oga. A well placed heavy dragon punch from Daigo takes round 1. In round 2, Xian finally manages to land a great crossup not even the Beast could see properly, and confirms into a waterfall kick. At around 55 seconds the life spread is about even, but Ryu lands a hit, takes the lead, and moves into zoning mode. However, through falling back a bit too much, Gen lands his rolling move (Jyasen) and attempts to confirm it into upkicks into ultra, but due to a slight executional error by Xian, the ultra whiffs allowing Daigo to take the round with a sweep. 5-0 Daigo

Match 6

Daigo chooses to start this match aggressive due to Xian’s overall lack of AA throughout the set so far. Gen does manage to land some solid hits this round, but that Is negated by a nice anti air light punch dp into ultra, which does a good chunk of life against Gen, who only has 900 total health. Daigo then goes for a crossup tatsu into heavy dragon punch setup on block, leading to a chip victory. A notable moment in round 2 was a sick meaty light punch dp from Daigo in the corner leading into ex fireball, and a trip guard sweep from Ryu steals round 2. 6-0 Daigo

Match 7

While Xian’s AA has been rather lackluster, Daigo has been getting better and better as these matches have progressed, landing a clean and deep hp dp anti air. Daigo lands a game changing sweep, pressures gen quite a bit until finally landing a nasty combo involving cr.mk, hado fadc cr.hp, hp dp for massive damage effectively ending the round. In round 2, Xian starts heading towards the dark side and busts out a very nice unblockable on Ryu, and after a set up the spread is 100% life for Gen compared to only 40% for Ryu. But as well all know too well, counting the Beast out is a surefire way  to get burned. Gen ends up in the corner, and Daigo lands a dp, but instead of just going for ultra, he first hits with an ex fireball for style and what I sensed as a bit of disrespect from the Street Fighter Aficionado. 7-0 Daigo

Match 8

The beast goes ham in this round, and it is beautiful. After several confirms such as cr.mp,cr.mp, fireball and cr.mp, cr.mp tatsu (which leads to a stun on Gen!)  this ft10 is starting to look very free for Daigo, who takes round 1 clean and easy.

Throughout round 2 Daigo heavily favors the crossup tatsu, which he gets tons of mileage out of. However, Gen does manage to take the round with a fake out waterfall kick.

In round three, Gen has the pressure on but is set back to neutral by a beautiful throw tech from Daigo. Daigo did Xian dirty with a chip setup that does about 150 damage(!), and is a true blockstring, Crossup tatsu, shoryuken cancelled into super. 8-0 Daigo

Match 9

Gen is looking good at the start of round one, but eats a mentally jarring hp dp from Daigo. Both characters are at about 30% life remaining with 59 seconds left in the round, and the fists start flying.  Both characters near the end of the match have very little health left, and Xian attempts to stuff a fireball from Ryu for the round, but eats it instead costing him. Round 2 is a pure clinic from Daigo, who goes ham and nets a stun, leading into a perfect victory for the Beast. 9-0

Match 10

Xian pulls off some good setups in this round, including a nice looking safejump. However, just like all the previous rounds, Daigo’s execution is completely on point, missing no links and maximizing his damage. He lands an aa lp dp into ultra to take round 1. In round 2, Gen goes aggressive, and through an American reset manages to stun the Beast, but even that wasn’t enough to stop Ryu, who subsequently lands a Gen specific unblockable, hyping up the crowd and finally putting Xian out of his misery. 10-0 The Beast

This set was the very definition of annihilation. Daigo “The Beast” Umehara came to play on this day, landing crisp confirms left and right, blocking over 85% of Gen’s ambiguous setups rendering his offense nearly useless, and avoiding the super into ultra combo gen is notoriously known for. When interviewed by Zhi after this onslaught, The Beast said he prepared for this match by carefully studying every ambiguous setup known by Gen, which is why he was so hard to open up by Xian. He also stated that he was purposely eating cr.mp into hands to get Xian to waste his meter on FADC instead of the super ultra combo. Overall, this set was highly entertaining, if for no other reason than to see Daigo back in full fighting form. The Beast, ladies and gentleman, is back.


Video Source: Tokidoblog

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