Street Fighter, Super Street Fighter IV — January 23, 2011 at 2:10 pm

Chris Hu Testing out Evil ryu and Oni in SSFIV: AE


The following video is showing renown SF Pro player chris hu as he experiences with Evil Ryu and Oni:


  1. So they borrowed That Too from the Ryu Final manga. More proof that Akuma is Ryu’s father. Even if Capcom doesn’t base it on the Non Canon Mangas and anime side stories. (And yes I am aware of the Darth Vader “i am your father cliche aspect”) They look better than I expected. Now awaiting the 2 extra secret characters (poison and Alex?)

  2. Probably their health will be pretty low

  3. @ Arlington Cruz

    I just wrote the same thing in the lower blog. I don’t know how many people read the RYU FINAL MANGA? However those who have know whats up. If they follow that storyline then Oro and Hugo are not too far off.
    It was cool to see Akuma kill KUMA whoops I mean the bear in the woods that was trying to kill Ryu, then later in the series hit Ryu with the same move that saved his life. Makes perfect sense why Akuma has such a hard on for Ryu and now we all know who left him on the steps of the Dojo when he was a young pup.

    I still think that Oni is Gouken in demon form. He looks like him from top to bottom. I guess the only thing left to see is there endings……..then we will find out the storyline Capcom is going with.

  4. @ greedy McNasty . Yes I own Ryu Final as well.
    Capcom wants to leave that mystery ambiguous to make it more interesting and maybe some fans getting pissed off or others accepting that and so on. (kind of or maybe the same as the sheng long deal) Also whether he is his father or not will remain the same for my enjoyment for the game.

    Although Capcom hasn’t confirmed it , but there sure have a lot of clues around. We’ll see how that goes.

  5. Well those endings didn’t explain much, however they were fun to watch.