Street Fighter X Tekken — January 23, 2012 at 7:14 am

Rumor: New SF X Tekken leaked roster list reveals Elena, Dudley, and more


Mighty game roster leaker, Lupinko, is at it again. After revealing the SSF4 cast months before its release, and the MVC3 and UMVC3 details before they were even official, the dude is back with what looks like the final roster of SF X Tekken.

Keep in mind that these are details gathered from many of Lupinko’s tweets and forums posts, and it still is a rumor after all.

Street Fighter side: Ryu, Ken, Guile, Chun-li, Abel, Cammy, Sagat, Dhalsim, Zangief, Rolento, Ibuki, Hugo, Poison, Vega, Balrog, Bison, Dudley, Juri, Elena, Cody, Guy, Rufus, and Akuma

Tekken Side: Kazuya, Nina, King, Marduk, Bob, Julia, Hwoarang, Steve, Yoshimitsu, Raven, Kuma, Heihachi, Lili, Jin, Jack, Bryan, Law, Paul, Asuka, Christie, Leo, Xioayu, humanoid-Ogre ( he will be the final Boss as well)

Guest characters: Pacman ( he rides a mokujin, who is a tekken joke character) and Box art Mega-man (this guy)

PS3 and Vita exclusives: Toro, Kuro and Cole

Other info:

  • Cody and Guy were first designed to be DLC characters, this is why no gameplay footage nor confirmation of their existence were shown after their cgi trailer debut. However they will be part of the cast now.
  • Karin is being considered as a DLC character but nothing is set in stone yet. Lupinko suggests to let capcom and Ono san know that you want her as DLC.
  • El-fuerte will be an indirect cameo, as Marshal Laws’s alt cosyume is the El fuerte chef costume from sf4.


  1. Shame there’s no Alex or Skullomania.
    Oh well.

  2. I argee satsui, needs more alex. I just tired of half of the capcom roster reuses the ssf4 models. The only characters that are new, besides the tekken roster are, Hugo, Poison, Rolento, and Elena.
    I’m not going to make the same mistake like I did with SSF4 and UMVC. I will wait next year if capcom decides to put another disk or add all dlc content for SFxTekken. In addition, I will wait for tekken x sf instead, because I have feeling Harada’s game will blow Ono game out the window.

  3. Skullomania is a character of Arika- no chance of getting in.

    Was Lupinko the same guy who revealed the leaked roster months ago… you know, the one that had Karin, Sakura, and Makoto in it (but not Elena or Dudley).

    Really hoping Karin at least makes DLC

  4. this doesn’t make much sense since you can’t really make logical teams with those characters (Elena and Dudley? Christie and Bryan? right…)

  5. I would love to see Blanka vs Gon. Sean vs Eddie. Devil Jin vs Gill

  6. WHAT?! Leo???? Guy??? Cody??? Come on, put Lars, Zafina, Dragunov, R. Mika, Sodom and Birdie. We got already to many SF4 repetition…. 🙁
    Things where going ok with most of charas, Poison (totaly great), Hugo (a must one), Rolento (amazing) but then, criativity and oldschool fan drive was left behind.
    Ok, still a must buy, but….. WHERE IS MY R. MIKA AND BIRDIE???

  7. @ Andrey

    Birdie is the worst SF character known to man. I think what ono is going for is to “prove” to everyone that the SF universe is well versed in martial arts as Tekken. When you put in elena and able that helps his argument. What kills it is when he dumps people like rufus into the game. You can tell they wanted to make the game easy on themselves by using SF4 people. I believe they already made the SFIII characters but just abandoned them as DLC for SF4.

    Expect to see the characters we really want for DLC.

  8. Elena and Dudley as a team makes sense in the same way that Steve Fox and Hwaorang do – one member uses kicks and the other uses punches, even if they have nothing to do with eachother story-wise. I take it that Bryan’s partner will be Jack and Christie’s will be Leo, if this list is correct.

  9. That bit about Cody and Guy is completely made up by whoever wrote this article.

  10. @marayearth:
    I doubt Christie and Bryan are gonna team up together, the former will most likely team up with Leo while the latter will team up with Jack.

  11. No Zafina suck ass, IMO she had the most original fighting style seen so far of all the newcomers in Tekken 6. Here is hoping for either DLC or the update version at least.

  12. We all know there will be a “Super” version of this game, so we will get Sodom, R.Mika, Karin, Sakura, Alisa, Zafina, Dragunov, Miguel or whoever the hell people want when it comes.

  13. ^^ Nah, but a goty edition, perhaps.

  14. I love it when people request for SKULLOMANIA and then some jack hole comes out and give a history lesson on why he will never be in another street fighter game. Here is a little hint for the jack holes. Anyone asking for SKULLOMANIA already knows why he can’t be in the new games. However we will never stop asking because he is a fan favorite kinda like your trick arse trill…….Karin.

    Putting SKULLOMANIA in a new game would be just as hard as putting Speed in TvC2!!!!! I will never give up on SKULLOMANIA or Darkstalkers. Just hard headed that way.

  15. I wanna see Eddie. Seriously. Favorite character to use from the old days.

  16. @ Greedy McNasty

    Wow, talk about attitude. I suppose that’s why I had had to explain to my friend 3 weeks ago why Blair Dame didn’t appear in Capcom VS SNK, let alone more than one SF game, whilst showing up in Fighting Layer? We weren’t talking about Skullomania to be sure, but you’re just being ignorant in saying that “ANYONE asking” for an Arika character to show up in a dream match game “already knows” why they can’t do so. Try visiting a gamefaqs forum.

    Besides, all I did was state a fact. Nothing more, nothing less. Don’t read too much into it. Unless Capcom finds profit in doing business again with Arika, it won’t happen.

  17. Why does a lot of people want Karin in the game?
    Why is she so popular all of a sudden?

  18. Random guy, karin is a perfect choice for this croosover beacause she fight like a tekken char.
    Her fight style is better for a tekken game.

  19. @ Vice_Mature

    Really! Wow talk about butt soar. Yep your the type of jack hole I was talking about. Sorry that Karin has a better chance of seeing the light of day as DLC than SKULLOMANIA has.

    Sorry I am a huge fan of SKULLOMANIA and get all bent out of shape when hearing everyone and there mother saying the same thing about him not being able to get into a dream match up. Really sorry about your friend not knowing about past street fighter characters. Your kinda missing the point I was trying to make but I guess that is what they like to do over at your gamefaqs forums.

    While you are at it I guess you should let your ignorant friend know about SKULLOMANIA being whored out to fight maker 2 as well. Oh and if he liked Blair that much he could almost make Ace have all of her move sets in ex3. However I am sure you know that already.

  20. @marayearth

    Yeah it does lol. Dudley and Elena are a good match, and Brian is clearly with Jack. The Bosses of both franchises are odd numbers and probably don’t have official partners.

    Ono answered an interview about ex 3 characters before, they don’t have all rights to use them and it would be very hard.

    Also they had said that this one be a one disc game as they did with mvc3 however they ended up making umvc3 after taking damages from the tsunami…

    “GP Editor, Jason Clement writes, “If you’re wondering why Capcom is releasing another version of Marvel vs Capcom 3, the game’s producer Ryota Niitsuma has an answer for you. Apparently, they had plans to release much of the material as DLC, but the massive earthquake and devastating tsunami in March forced them to rethink their plans, especially since the game came out just less than a month before the disaster happened.”

  21. @ GreedyMcnasty

    You’re toooo funny, hahahaha! Wow.

    Yeah, Karin has a MUCH better chance of making DLC, because unlike Skullo, or any Arika character for the matter, she’s actually made it into a Capcom dream match game (Capcom Fighting Jam), AND has made it into Namco X Capcom. So thanks for pointing it out.

    Your point was just you were being an irrational fanboy as you are doing now, am I wrong? Nothing wrong with being a fan, but everything wrong with being irrational.

    My point was, which you have clearly failed to see, was simply stating a fact to those that may not know why he has no chance of getting in another Capcom game. That’s it. Wow, the blow up is… mind-bogglingly hilarious. You have to learn to read things as they are and not decipher any ridiculous personal attacks on your personal preferences.

    OH and, Skullo appeared in Fighting Maker 1. Also, not a Capcom game. Seriously?

  22. Karin DLC!!!! if Karin is in it, I already have my mains.

  23. Aww, no Fei Long? As much as i love Law I like Fei Long better

  24. WTF no Sakura . Damn man

  25. Forget all those characters you people keep crying about, where’s Adon?!?!

  26. WHERE IS B to the LANKA

  27. I kind of wanted to see Law and Fei-long in this game, so i could use a team of them. I’ll most likely use Zangief and Law. I also wanted to see Lei Wulong and alex, I’ll just wait until the DLC comes out with more characters.

  28. What! I can’t believe they screwed up again. Just put there’s no reason why every street fighter and tekken character is not on this game. Why is other the final boss?! We all know jinpachi was the best tekken boss ever. Jinpachi and shin akuma will not be on the game. I don’t know why game developers always screw up.

  29. What! I can’t believe they screwed up again. Just put there’s no reason why every street fighter and tekken character is not on this game. Why is orge the final boss?! We all know jinpachi was the best tekken boss ever. Jinpachi and shin akuma will not be on the game. I don’t know why game developers always screw up.

  30. I guess this list was debunked since ppl got game already and elena, dudley, cody, guy, bryan, jack, leo, and christie aren’t in the game. Unless they patch it or dlc at release date otherwise I guess we gone be shedding out extra 30 plus dollars via dlc in future.

  31. it personally doesnt make sense to me to have christie and no eddy, and elena and no djay