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Rumor: Capcom Insider Information about Sf X Tekken, Darkstalkers 4 and more



Howdy folks,

The below information was submitted via e-mail from an unconfirmed source. The info claims some shocking revelations regarding Capcom’s SF X Tekken, SSF4 and the heavily rumored Darkstalkers 4. As usual, since this is a rumor, thou must take it with a fat, giant, big, humongous grain of salt. Enjoy:


Regarding Street Fighter x Tekken:
– Several testers have been fired over the Rolento knife glitch getting through testing. 
– The PC patch which was supposed to update the game to 1.04 was delayed because of the Rolento knife glitch. Capcom didn’t want to spend the money on older patches for PC, so they were waiting for the newest edition, 1.04 to be out on consoles, and then release the PC update about a week later, but due to the glitch’s discovery, it was halted. PC will be receiving the update to 1.05 within a week after the console update. 
– Capcom is aware that the PC version has had the Swap costumes unlocked by a hack, as well as the Alternate costumes being backported from the 360 version, but I do not know if they are currently aware that those have been fully enabled in the PC version as well without needing to switch files around. At any rate, the 1.05 patch will disable, at the very least, the Swap costume hack, and anyone found using it will be reported to Microsoft for a potential account ban. Related, this costume unlocker tool also works with SSF4AE, and users of it in that game will be receiving the same punishment. 
– Capcom is deeply regretting their DLC decisions with SFxT, but are bound by a contract to both Sony and Microsoft and have very little wiggle room to change things. The 12 DLC characters will NOT be available under any circumstances until the Vita version comes out, however, previously there was going to be a 1 month delay before 360 and PC users were to get the DLC characters (plus Mega Man and Pac Man), but this has since been done away with. All platforms will get the 12 DLC characters on the Vita’s launch day. 
– Mega Man and Pac Man will be available on 360 and PC earlier than intended, sometime in July. 
– Capcom is adding roughly 20 new colors that were NOT on the disc and will be downloadable when the Vita version launches. By that time, all the colors existing on the disc will be released as well. Colors will continue to be free. 
– As a sort of surprise/apology, Capcom is developing two completely new characters that will also be released with the Vita version launch, for all platforms, at no additional cost beyond the cost for the main DLC download. These characters are Evil Ryu and Devil (Kazuya). 
– Several balancing changes will be done before the Vita launch. You’ll especially see major changes in the DLC characters, because even though they were “completed”, they were not properly balanced and some of their moves will have very different properties. Bryan and Lars especially have major overhauls. 
– Gems will continue to be released, both paid and free, however some gems that were intended to be paid previously will instead be released for free. This of course does not apply to all of the gems.
– Even though a “No Gems” mode has been heavily requested, it is unlikely that there will be such a mode added to the game. This is because, as everyone suspects, Gems exist to make money for Capcom, and even though some of the actual development team wants to side with the fans on this one, the higher ups keep refusing. 
– Pandora is getting buffed for the Vita release. It will last very slightly longer and will come with a major strength boost, as well as the free meter that it already grants. 
– The timer is getting fixed for the Vita release. It will take two seconds to pass 1 in-game second, so basically match times are doubled. 
– The Alternate costumes (the second DLC costume set) will be available when the Vita version launches. 
– There was going to be a third set of DLC costumes, dubbed “Alternate 2”, but all development on them has been canceled due to poor sales of the existing DLC costumes and general distaste many people have had with the DLC in general. They wouldn’t have come out until sometime in 2013. 
– And, if it wasn’t totally clear yet, there will be no further content developed for Street Fighter x Tekken after the Vita release. The only things that will be released after that will be more of the on-disc DLC Gems. Of course, balance patches may occur, but nothing beyond that.
– No, there will not be a Wii U version. 

Regarding SSF4AE:

– The PC patch to the newest version has been delayed due to “a ton of issues” that I don’t have details on, but it should be updated sometime in the coming weeks.

– SF4 is finished. Other than the off chance that a bug fix or balance patch is required, there will be no new updates to the game.

– The 3DS version will not be updated either.

Regarding UMvC3:
– A balance patch is in the works, but that’s it. UMvC3 is also finished. 

– No, there will not be a PC, Wii U, or anything else port. 

Regarding Darkstalkers 4:
– The Japanese name is Vampire Resurrection. The Western release will be titled Darkstalkers 4: Vampire Resurrection. 

– It is in development, but it is still early on. It will be running on a modified SFxT engine. Don’t expect to see so much as a trailer for a few months at least, and no gameplay for a few months after that.

– The only characters I know will be returning (as of now, it could still change) are Morrigan, Felicia, Hsien-ko, Demitri and B.B. Hood. The only new character I am aware of is apparently a human Dark Hunter named Will who wields two shotguns, and fights mainly by striking with them, but can also shoot.

– It is being developed for PS3 and Vita only at the moment, but that could change in the future.   


  1. So if I get this correctly, when the PS Vita comes out, everybody on every console can download Evil Ryu and Devil for free? Thank you Capcom 😀

  2. Rumors are rumors and I take this all (especialy the one about DS4) with grains of salt as always but the so-called “insider information” regarding SFXT, SF4 and UMvC3 actually sounds pretty believable imo.

  3. I know these are rumours but as far as he says about DLC, I actually have wondered if the people making the game agree with the fact they are designing and creating stuff to rip people off, so if this is true I guess they don’t always and have to do it cuz it’s what the higher ups what them to do.

    + If the part about people being sacked for the knife glitch then that is pretty hilarious. ;p

  4. You know, about Darkstalkers, that’s one of my favorite fighting games, and if all the characters aren’t there to play, then Ill pass. I have two main characters, Cody and Deejay in street fighter, and I was turned off by SFXT because both of those characters are absent. I was really hoping the Cody DLC would get pushed out faster, but until then, I just don’t care enough to play. I love Poison and Kuma, but the game is just so broken. The real question is, will there now be a Tekken X Street Fighter.

  5. Wow! I hope this is real and not some way of getting more visitors to this dying site. I’m not trying to be harsh but this site 3 years ago was on fire, now its barely thought of. This seems too big to not be around the net, keeping my fingers crossed…….

  6. Interesting article.

    Next time, ask whoever leaked that info about the future of the mega man franchise

  7. I think Struglar does a good job!

    My lord he is doing all this alone again. Any rumor about fighting games is a good thing. I am surprised that more people haven’t cried about the game being made for ps3 and vita before Xbox. The hype level is starting to grow again.

    Good to know that ssf4ae2012 is finished, that leaves a huge opening for SF5 to fill. As of now thee future of fighting games is growing. It is nice to see all the old franchise are rebooting. Competition promotes better fighting games.

    Thank you Struglar for giving us another fighting game site, as well as your hard working keeping it going.

  8. @Zonk: Namco won’t work on Tekken X Street Fighter until Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Unlimeted is out.
    And to be honest, regarding Darkstalkers, I think its unfair to pass on a sequel in a favorite fighting game series just because it may not have at least one of your favorite characters returning.

  9. Hmmm.. Interesting article. I have a feeling that the vita version will either launch at the end of August or September. The collection comes out in mid Sept so everyone would get the characters then maybe. Yay DS4, I’m glad cat girl is back.

  10. @Cake:
    Oh yeah, if its only one missing character maybe, but when you only have a list of 4 returning characters out of…14 is it? Thats a bit extreme. All Im saying is there is not reason all the Darkstalkers characters cant be included.

  11. Do you have any information on what Capcom is planning for Wii U? With Resident Evil 6, UMVC3 and Street fighter x tekken all now likely no shows (even no darkstalkers) I’m becoming concerned about Capcom’s Wii U support.

  12. They better not give Evil Ryu and Devil low Stamina like Akuma. They did that in SSF4AE. I will be mad.

  13. No Jon Talbain no buy! i don’t care how many characters are in Darkstalkers 4. this game is worthless to me without my main. if capcom removes any characters especially jon talbain i wont be getting this. and if they make him paid dlc they can really go screw themselves.

  14. If this is another way of Capcom trying to mess with people, not cool. I hope that the Evil Ryu and Devil DLC is true.

  15. All I want from Capcom are updates to Marvel and SF4. I don’t care at all about SxT, Darkstalkers or anything else. More characters for Marvel and SF4 plz stop wasting your money on those other crappy games.