The King of Fighters — July 22, 2011 at 10:50 am

KOF 95 is live on PSN with surprisingly good Netcode


Few months ago, SNK released its neogeo station games, an emulated version of its neo geo line up, for $8.99 each featuring the ability to play againt people worldwide. Unfortunately the first batch of games all suffered from horrible net code. I myself got KOF 94, and to this day i have not had a single smooth game. The netcode was beyond horrible and it made decide to never buy a neogeo station game again.

Fast forward to this week, KOF 95 is released on PSN, i was set to not buy it, even though KOF 95 is one of my favourite games, as it brings good arcade scene memories. Overwhelmed by all this gay emotion crap i decided, against my logic, to buy the game, and boy was i surprised!

The netcode, compared to kof 94’s one, is FANTASTIC. Pretty much all the games i played were lagless and smooth. The presentation of the game itself is quite good, the inclusion of the ingame manual (including those rare SNK drawings) idea is genius, and the game is arcade perfect.

The only drawback right now is that not a whole lot of people bought the game, fearing it is the same netcode, and lazy SNK did not promote this new netcode not even one bit. So sometimes i will be the only person online waiting for challengers.

If you are a KOF fan, and were afraid to buy a lagfest online game then it is time to change your mind and get KOF 95, it is definetly worth the $8.99 price tag.

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  1. have been scared too, but like u said playing others online will be a problem cos they are scared of the netcode…my psn is eledumare…kindly add me so i can buy the game and have someone to play for the heads up