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Hadoken.net Exclusive Interview at NYCC with Seth Killian


At the NYCC this past weekend, I recently got my long awaited interview with Capcom’s Seth Killian shortly after the UMvC3 panel which I attended. Please keep in mind this is my first interview and while it’s not perfect I was able to get my questions out there

CM: Hello, This is Corey from hadoken.net and I’ve been trying to catch Seth all week but I’ve finally got him on his break from doing Capcom stuff, How you doing?

Seth: I’m doing great

CM: What the release of SSF4 has shown is that whenever an updated version of a previously released game is out the sales aren’t as high as the first version. Secondly with UMvC3 already getting bad press from hundreds of disgruntled gamers with the whole “Paying for spectator mode” and the infamous “No Mega man” thing plus take into account with the release of KOF XIII a game in which a lot of people are stoked for. With all that in mind aren’t you worried about the success of UMvC3 despite all of its improvements?

Seth: Uh…No, Not really, we have tracking numbers internally, it’s got very good pre-orders so I think with everything we announced today (Saturday), It’s a really great package. I mean for $40 everything that people liked you get more of it. So, if you had a good time with MvC3, you’re getting a lot more stuff in this game. Heroes and Heralds mode alone which we just announced a few minutes ago is basically a lot of endless fun because, as soon as your done with regular play, you can go to Heroes and Heralds mode and re-invent the game and as you saw a million different combinations. That and also the 12 addition characters and the traditional combat are really well crafted and spectator mode with everything else, I think it’s a great package. My concern is in sales, I mean I want games to sell so I can make another fighting game, but outside of that, I just wanna make good games and make sure people are having fun with them. So I feel pretty confident.

CM: Okay, That’s a great answer. Financially speaking the Casual Market is where the most profits come in (Am I right?)

Seth: Well, It depends on the game. I don’t know what the casual market is exactly. Yeah…If we just sold games to people that go to tournaments, we probably wouldn’t be a success.

CM: That’s a great answer because that was actually my follow-up question about the tournament thing.

Seth: Well, We design our games for it to be tournament worthy. Uh…We need to sell the game to as many people as we can. Yeah, we are interested in those people (casuals presumably) so we can try and keep the door open terms of mechanics so anyone can play but in terms of depth we have the tournament players firmly in mind.

CM:Alternate Costumes in UMvC3 will they be preorder only or will they be just like every DLC and will be available to the general public for download a few weeks later. Also will every character get one? For example will Zero get a Mega man X Alternate costume? And what Spiderman? He’s like the only character whose in-game alternate colors are his alternate costumes will he get a DLC costume?

Seth: I don’t really have an opinion, because I know what’s in the game. But to me it’s not a speculative question. So we’re not talking about any of that right now…Not yet.

CM:Last Year, I asked you a question about controller preferences (Do you remember?) Now this year I wanna ask on you a question about your personal stance on high tiers. Now personally, I find it BS. Recently Event hubs put up a list of the most used character online and on the top is Dante and on the bottom is MODOK. I’ve been watching streams of players who are really good with MODOK.But I’m asking your opinion is that can you always be successful in any FG for example UMvC3 if you always pick Dante, Wesker, Akuma as they heavy hitters and very popular as opposed to my team Spiderman, Deadpool , and Captain America.

Seth: Well, I don’t think that’s really a tier list it’s sort of for usage and, Dante is a really fun character to use right out of the gates so you can take him to great heights but, MODOK is just an oddball character and he’s got a lot of nice stuff for people who learn how to use him, interesting tricks, unique playstlye and that’s what we were going for. So we know that we don’t try and make every character like MODOK because, he is more challenging to use. But, you know it’s not a tier list. It’s just that it’s sort of easy to use in some respect so we try to put in a mix of characters that are a little more straightforward and some that are trickier and unusual. But that’s one of the trademarks of Marvel’s (Marvel vs. Capcom series) style. We don’t just do clones of the same character 10 times. We try and bring a unique flavor to everyone. That ends you up with characters like MODOK as well as a more straightforward sword/gun slinger like Dante.

CM: I’m not sure if you saw it but when at Nintendo’s pre TGS conference, Capcom announced Monster Hunter 3G and Monster Hunter 4 both for the 3DS and then proceeded to hype the game but showing a few commercials featuring the characters of Gatchaman which happens to be from an old friend of Capcom if you catch my drift. Now the fanboy in me has got to ask (Because if you don’t have an answer I’ll just ask Niitsuma-san) Do you know or Can you tell if this a very small indication that Capcom is getting a rematch with Tatsunoko in the near future of course after the Tekken collaboration.

Seth: The Tatsunoko relationship as far as I’m…I don’t’ deal directly with Tatsunoko ever since the original Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. Yeah, but the relationship is good shape as far as I know. They were happy with the game, we were happy with the game. There are no plans to announce but it’s certainly a possibility.

CM:Speaking of KOF XIII a lot of people (Me included) Are banking on this game to be a success and in which a lot of people (Not Me) are hoping this will open Capcom to give SNK one more go. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Capcom vs. SNK one of the most requested fighting games in a while next to Marvel vs. Capcom.

Seth: Uh…Potentially, Yeah. I don’t know if they be branded SNK because, as far I understand SNK as an entity, I don’t know what they’re legal status is or what their corporate status is but, we love our crossovers and we love the Capcom vs. SNK games. I think the Capcom games were fantastic and they would be a fun partner to work with again. We’re full up on crossovers right now but they are definitely not out of the question.


  1. This entire interview was SO passive aggressive. Get that chip off your shoulder…

  2. Great Interview Corey. Yeah I can’t wait for Snk vs Capcom 3 sometime in the future. i would have been nervous too on asking questions, hope we get tons more of awesome fighting game titles from capcom in the future

  3. I would love a Tatsunoko VS Capcom 2 *coughWiiUexclusivecough*.
    Capcom vs SNK 3 would be interesting (as long as its not in SFIV style). A SNK vs Capcom would be interesting too, I’am sure all the problems from SNK vs Capcom Chaos would not happen again.

  4. Where are these streams of MODOK players you’ve been seeing?

  5. Same interview different game. I would have asked how much seth had to do with the gem system in SF x Tekken.

    Also pre orders dont mean crap……you can pull reserves and or change them at a drop of a hat.

    You want to win back some fans……..SKULLOMANIA!!!

    All this talk of making a better game for all the players. I feel that these games are made off the tastes of certain capcom employee’s. Or from the feed back from pro players.

    The fans have screamed for so many things and all the higher ups have turned there cheeks to requests.

    1. two disks for games, one for arcade and another for vs
    2. more moves per character
    3. supers with different color starbursts on ko
    4. more bonus stages……make them part of the story line
    5. ultras
    6. blood and throw up on hard hits……while retaining the pg 13 rating
    7. team ko’s
    8. random events
    9. stage kos
    10. personal final kos

    NO ISMS……….

    There is a reason that people are starting to play other games….other fighting games. Because your not taking a risk in fighting games. Not coming up with anything new. Just using all the old crap done before in other capcom games and calling them…..cards and or gems.

    I am with the 12% of fans that are bat shit crazy mad about the direction of these games. Most of the time I am the first one in line to pick up new fighting games. But I have to put my foot down on these next couple of fighting games.

  6. This interview is crap, what a waste of time. Here’s some advice guys, you depend on your site followers for everything, before a big event get the questions from the community.
    I am a huge fan of kof, but asking Seth questions like kof hype sets the bar for hype is stupid you’re talking to a Capcom employee for god sakes. Take w poll on what games to ask about and get the questions from the fgc. You guys have a chance to bring something different than the Eventhubs or srk sites, but you choose not to and that’s going to stunt your growth. I’ll leave my email and recommend you contact me for some ideas on reshaping this site and really creating something new and community oriented.

    @ greedy dude your ideas are always fun to read, but your saying sfxtekken or umvsc3 is the same old stuff is just wrong. They are trying new things and if you’d like to see more new stuff then support it. Get on the sites and give your feedback from playing the game.

  7. Try not to lead with negative closed interview questions.

    Edit out “Uhs” and “Ums.”

    And as others have already said, try to get community questions for these events.