Street Fighter — January 13, 2011 at 5:01 am

Exclusive: Seth Killian talks about the future of the Street Fighter franchise


I had the opportunity to talk to the capcom-man himself, Seth Killian, and i took the opportunity to ask him all kinds of questions about the future of our beloved franchise: Street Fighter. Check out the whole 12 questions interview below:

1- First of all, thank you for giving us this opportunity Seth, it is always good to chat with you.

It’s my pleasure.

2- We are seeing less and less Seth killian videos lately, after getting used to see you every where promoting capcom fighting games. What are you up to these days?  Does this disappearance mean that you guys are cooking something new for us?

I have a lot of new duties at work that keep me very busy and traveling a lot.  My boss is in London and the dev teams I work with most are in Japan, so even apart from public events, I’m traveling all the time on internal company business.  I think most people know me as the community manager, but my job description is actually pretty different these days, with lots of meetings about strategic plans for the future, as well as things like internal product reviews (not just for fighting games), etc.  Capcom also now has a worldwide community crew that are doing all kinds of good things.  I was happy to get the ball rolling, but my days lately are a lot different today than it was when I first started.  I still try and answer questions and meet people at events, but it’s been a challenge to squeeze everything I want to get done into 24 hours.

Regardless of all that, I’m still in the lab with Marvel Vs Capcom 3–nothing can keep me away from this game for very long.  MVC3 is probably the most incredible sandbox ever created for fighting–there are so many ridiculous possibilities that I literally sit down intending to test one small thing and before I know it I’ve lost an hour trying out different things that just occurred to me.  I have more fun just messing around in training mode than I have ever had with a game in my life, and that’s not even counting the fun of actually playing other people.  It’s so rich with possibilities that I literally have dreams about MVC3 almost every night.  Maybe that’s a little bit sad, but also a little bit awesome.

3- Super Street Fighter IV was recently released in the arcades and is looking like a huge success. Was this expected from Capcom, or was it a big gamble to release the game on a dying business: the arcades ?

Arcades aren’t what they once were, but I think SSFIV Arcade Edition’s success shows they’re far from dead.  While I know it’s hard for people outside of Japan that don’t have access to arcade machines, in a lot of ways it’s a return to the Street Fighter roots.  It certainly puts a smile on my face to see the tokens lined up at the arcades with people waiting (sometimes over an hour) just for one chance to play.  It also really brings out people’s “A” game.  Nobody wants to wait in lines to play, so they are out for blood.  Hopefully the arcade release will build anticipation for what comes next.

4- Besides Yun and Yang, The arcade edition of SSF4 offers a big balance patch to pretty much the whole roster. Will the console version receive this balance patch?
It’s something we’ve talked a lot about, but no news on console Arcade Edition right now.

5- And what of Yun and Yang? is Capcom considering adding them as DLC ?
If we were to bring AE to console, DLC is one way we could do it.

6- What can you tell us about Evil ryu and Oni Akuma (the 2 protraits shown in the last SSF4 AE trailer)
They’re a nod to Street Fighter’s past.  In these days where everybody knows everything immediately, it’s fun to have some secrets and surprises, especially in something as old-school as an arcade game.

7- Rumor has it that there will be more characters revealed and added (like a time release) to the arcade version, much like Akuma in sf4. Is this true or are Yun and Yang really the only new playable characters?
That would be telling, but I think Yun and Yang have enough tricks up their sleeves to keep players busy for a while yet.  I know I haven’t yet seen anyone tap the full potential of the Genei Jin super.

8- Who is that guy being burned by Dhalsim’s flames??? some people speculate it is urien

No clue, really.  It made the rounds on the internet, but internally it wasn’t even a topic of discussion.  Sometimes Ono-san posts things just to start a conversation.  I think I remember seeing a pretty convincing analysis that it was just Chun-Li, but frankly I wasn’t paying close attention to it, so I never even asked who it was when he happened to take that shot.

9- IS Super Street Fighter IV arcade edition really the last entry to the sf4 series? or should we expect a hyper sf4 in the future ?

Internally, we had planned for this to be the last entry in the SFIV series.

10- so what is next for the SF series ?
With Arcade Edition out in arcades, next would be the glorious return of SF3: Third Strike (it’s a beautifully made re-release), and then “cross”ing swords with the Tekken cast.  After we’re done shoryuken-ing the fireball-less Tekken freaks, there are some interesting ideas, but we’re still knee-deep in SFxT development at the moment.

11- Besides the mediocre legend of chun-li, we certainly haven’t felt a street Fighter revival in other media such as tv, anime and movies. Is capcom planning anything in the future for that matter ?
Yes.  I can’t get into specifics, but a lot of things have come together recently that should mean you’ll be seeing new projects that appeal to a lot of different kinds of SF fans.

12- Thank you Seth for your time and we are hoping to see you soon walking us through, hopefully, Yun and Yang on the console versions


  1. Great interview Strugler. Thanks for asking about the flaming character.

    Nice troll job Ono.

  2. Awesome interview, great questions and great responses from Seth, especially the dream part.

  3. I’ve read this interview 4x now. Guess what.. That’s not Chun Li! I feel that we are now being trolled by S-Kill. He can’t drop ono’s secret.

    That’s a big character. He’s crouching, Being pushed backward by the flame, nearly the height of Dhalsim while on his knees!

    That’s Alex, I know it is. Mark these words my friends.

    “You Can’t Escape!”

  4. I’m going to go through every single character and recreate that shot then ill send them to strugler to post for comparison. We will get to the bottom of this!

  5. Damn!
    Seth doesn’t lie or troll us. I would love for it to be Alex.

  6. Very nice interview. Someone PLEASE ask seth or Ono why capcom doesn’t share hitbox/frame data(and that they should). It would be great and it would save lots of time to some of us and old school peeps can always ignore it. Seems like they like to tease us with some pics(like that yun divekick pic) but if someone uploads a tiny part of that leaked 10GB torrent full of ssf4 hitbox vids to youtube they’ll shut it down ASAP. Finally, other games publicly share that data(not fighting games tho, but Blazblue seems to be ok with lots of hacked hitbox vids on youtube). Maybe it’s because some hitboxes are just atrocious?

  7. I spoke to seth back on Evo 09 and asked about him about mvc3. At that time he told me nothing was happening unless fans really wanted to.

    So it’s pretty much he is not allowed to spit things out or he could get fired at his job. Glad to hear that there’s other media cooking down the road (anime, a real good movie,etc)

    And yes my vote on the flaming guy stays with Alex, That looks like pulled down overalls and top part looks like exposed top chest. If it was urien, you would probably see diapers and not that square shape of overall below waist

  8. @Arlington,

    Agreed. Btw, I checked every frame of Chun Li getting flamed by Dhalsim.

    And… Drumroll please…. The Sash, don’t Match!

  9. I was thinking of doing that also. So we have been told something that is different. Maybe it is Alex.

  10. I wish Capcom would stop jerking us around & just tell us what’s up.