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EXCLUSIVE: interviews MK Legacy’s Director Kevin Tancharoen


kevin tancharoen director mortal kombat rebirth

Mortal Kombat fans this one is for you!!! I got the chance to talk to, the very talented, humble, and fun, Kevin Tancharoen, Director of the upcoming Mortal Kombat Legacy Web-series. And as you expect from interviews, a ton of new information about the series has been revealed to us. Check out the, very informative, interview:

1- Thank you Kevin for giving us some time off your busy schedule. I will not be long, so i will go to the questions right away. We all watched the MK: rebirth short and were amazed to see our beloved franchise been taken seriously. How did the MK rebirth came to be ?

It was all quite an experiment actually. I had some equipment available to me and wanted to shoot a short to showcase that I can handle this type of genre. My past work was all very dance/performance heavy and I have always wanted to do action and horror. I thought that nobody would give me that chance unless I did it myself first.

2- So you have been a Mortal Kombat fan since the first games. Which MK game is your favorite and which one are you good at?

My favorite by far is MK 2. For various reasons. I just remember how in awe I was at the updated graphics and the upgraded fatalities. I couldn’t wait to get out of school to go to the arcade.

3- Switching topics to the highly anticipated Mortal Kombat web series. Is this series a prequel to the game, or is it set in its own world?

It’s essentially a prequel to the entire franchise. They are all origin stories on how they developed a motive to join the first 2 tournaments.

4- How far are you into the process of post editing the episodes?

We are right in the middle. I’m currently editing Kitana and Mileena 😉

5- How many episodes can we expect and how long is each one?

You can expect 9 episodes all to be anywhere from 6-10 minutes in length.

6- How involved were Ed boon, and the NRS team, in the making of this series? Did they have to approve the scripts

They were very involved and so much fun to work with. We had a great time sticking to elements within the MK canon…but we never let ourselves feel restricted to it. Ed was amazing at letting me come up with certain elements that I felt were important.

7- Through your twitter posts, we saw few characters from the series, like scorpion, jax, sonya, rayden,Kano and Kitana we also saw confirmations for other characters like stryker, cyrax, and sektor. Are there more characters that you have not announced that will be featured in the show ?

Baraka, Shao Khan, Queen Sindel, Shang Tsung, Johnny Cage and Sub Zero.

8- What about the series hero Liu Kang? is he in as well?

I want to save that for season 2. It will be a story about him and Kung Lao.

9- As you know, the Mortal Kombat games have been known for their violent nature, a feature that was almost inexistent in the MK movies and conquest series. Can we expect, from your series, to finally see fatalities in live action form

You can expect it to be violent. We didn’t have to restrict ourselves to any rating…so be prepared for blood.

10- In a recent interview, you talked about Sektor and Cyrax getting automated in one episode. Since the lin kuei automation happened after the first tournament, does that mean, that some episodes are set after the mortal kombat tournament?

Yes…they are all set either before MK1 or right after. But we never go past MK 2.

11- The series will premiere next week on machinima youtube channel, what can you tell us about this first episode?

It’s the iconic storyline of Jax, Sonya and Kano. You get an insight to their past history and how Kano got his signature red eye.

12- Now that the series is almost ready for the public, do you see it leading to something much bigger, like cable TV series or a movie ?

I’m still eyeing the movie as the ultimate goal of course.

13- Kevin, it was great talking to you, and again we thank you for this great opportunity, and we are looking forward to watching the premiere next week



  1. It’s amazing! I love him already! 🙂

  2. You didn’t ask him if “techno syndrome” would be in there at all?!


  3. I saw the teaser trailer it looks ok but I don’t know it will but it would be success but I will keep my fingers cross

  4. He seems like a pretty chill guy who knows what he’s doing. I like him.

    I am really looking forward to Mortal Kombat Legacy.

  5. I dont understand how they can consider this anything close to canon when they have Baraka in the rebirth trailer as a human that performed plastic surgery on himself??????????? WTF!

  6. @Mike… That was just a pitch for a movie idea (which then turned into this series). Now that it’s actually being made, a number of specifics could very well change.

    That trailer is no longer a viable (or proper) trailer for the series – rather a demonstration of setting a tone, style, etc… At least, I would really be surprised if they didn’t change those things.