Fighters History 101: Evil Ryu’s Chest Injury’s Origin



When Evil Ryu made his comeback in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, he did so with a one big cosmetic change: A chest Scar!

So how did you Ryu got this deep injury? Well it seems Capcom is honoring the work of famous mangaka Masahiko Nakahira who made the Street Fighter alpha mangas as well as the famous Ryu Final. In Street Fighter III: Ryu Final Manga, the wandering warrior gets almost killed in his final battle against Akuma, where the latter punctured Ryu’s chest as seen in the image below:

This is not the first time where Capcom borrows ideas from Nakahira san’s mangas. In fact Evil ryu was a creation of Mashiko Nakahira (in the street fighter alpha manga) as well as Karin Kanzuki(who was aharacter specificaaly created for the sakura ganbaru manga) and the background for many other characters, including her personality, stagem family, buttlers, as seen in the upcoming Street Fighter V.

The SF mangas written by masahiko Nakahira are one of the best SF media ever made and surely the best Japanese SF manga. Lucky for us, Udon translated all his books and are available to order if you guys don’t own them already.