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Ever wondered how would Street Fighter be played using kinect? well, wonder no more


From Garethop’s video description: ” Ok… it’s all nice and dandy that you can use something like GlovePie to make it simple to throw a fireball or whatever, instead of having to move your body around and do the hard-work for yourself.
There is a reason all the (worth-while) games for XBOX Kinect are physically taxing to one degree or another.

Stop being an out of shape nerd and have some fun doing something physical 🙂

Ok.. with that out of the way… This setup is just a nice and simple FAAST config to let me do all the individual commands with my body.

low/mid/heavy punch&kick, duck, jump, left, right, throw, power move.

It’s pretty obvious what the setup is if you watch the video.

Oh, and it’s very hard to play against the computer like this, since the game expects you to pressing buttons, not moving your body, on top of the slight delay that Kinect has currently ( waiting for that MS SDK to come out with the 5ms delay! ). So this video is played at “easiest” level. I’ve done the “very easy” setting, and it is super hard, and a lot more fun! But I was getting destroyed in it when I recorded, so I put this one up of me actually beating the CPU 🙂

Basically, instead of coding up any sort of GlovePie tricks to get fireballs and whatever to execute, I’ve setup the button events to coincide with what you are actually doing in the game, so that you have the ability to do anything you want, as long as you can put in the effort to do the actual motion.

So far I’ve only been playing as Ryu, so in his case…

Fireball: we all know it’s down, down forward, forward+punch.
So to execute this, I would duck down, then turn sideways, then stand up while still sideways, and punch in that same motion.

Same thing works for hurricane kicks, etc etc…

I have my own program I wrote to do this with now, instead of using FAAST (which has been abandoned).

it’s for free download here:


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