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EGM talks Poison’s gender with Ono san


The ever controversial topic of what is poison’s gender, is she a she or a he? We all know the original story, os does EGM:

EGM:  This whole big conversation now exists about Poison, a character who, really, was little more than an insignificant enemy character in her original appearance. Then, over the years since Final Fight first appeared, she’s taken on this huge life of her own, especially among the online community. How do you feel about now being in the middle of the discussion on who she really is? Do you enjoy the topic, or have all of the questions come to annoy you?

Ono San: Well, as you said, it’s a character that has been around for a while, and initially—as you probably know—the initial intent for Final Fight was that she was just a regular woman. Over the next 20 years, there’s been some changes, and Capcom’s official stance has and will continue to be that we don’t have a stance technically. It’s supposed to be mysterious; if people want to talk about it on forums or what not they’re welcome to, but we’re not going to give you a straight answer because, well, there isn’t one. We deliberately want to make it a mysterious thing—that question of what’s at the core of this character. At the end of the day, we don’t have an actual canonical answer to that.

It’s interesting, because it almost takes on a sort of Rorschach test. If you go into it with the pre-conceived notion that she’s a woman, the way she talks, the way she moves, you’ll see all of that as being very feminine. If you go in with the pre-conceived notion that she’s not, her actions and mannerisms will seem the other way to you. So, it’s very open-ended.

Well here you have, Poison is whatever you want her/him to be. What is poson for you, dear reader? let us know in the comments section.

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  1. So, Capcom’s stance now is that Poison MAY be a transexual, MAY be a travestite, or MAY be a real woman? Wow, very clarifying.

    Well, I guess at least now we can think Poison is hot without fear of being attracted by a man – after all, it’s up to US to define whether she’s a woman or not…

  2. Poison will always be a woman for me ono is living up to his rep as tease with answer

    On a side note your web is looking slick I think u guys shold start doing youtube vids to get a bigger audience.

    And how about some doa5 news when u get it

  3. Short version: “Q: Is Poison a man or woman? A: You guys made Poison a bigger deal than we intended Poison to be. We’re not saying anything and we’re leaving it like that so Poison can be an interesting character.”

  4. Long story short, Poison can be whatever you want her/him to be! That sums up this interview.

    I have never been one to care about the neverending debate on Poison’s gender, so I could care less about this. Lets face it: it will always be up to our imaginations what Poison’s gender will be to us, female,travestite/male, transexual or whatever, which has always been Capcom’s goal and will always continue to be.

    I tell you this though, if Poison was real and approached me in real life, I definitely wouldn’t turn her/him down.

  5. Off-topic: Where is the link to this interview itself strugler? I can’t find it.

    On-topic: Poison was designed from the very beginning to be a bandit chick that Cody and Guy beat up.
    It was only because of America’s censorship policies for those sort of things that her background was changed.
    Genuinely, Poison is a chick.

    She wasn’t a mystery until Capcom made her into one. It’s just another case of anime/game censorship causing confusion and poor translation. It’s kind of ridiculous to fold into that sort of ‘we don’t care, it’s whatever you want’ sort of thing… they know full well what the original design was, they’re just trying to satisfy everyone’s fantasies at once.

    She’s just a fictional repeat enemy sprite from a game series that hasn’t even been around all that much lately. You punch her in the face and move onto the next enemy sprite…. but no, instead they linger on it and try to make controversial statements about a character that doesn’t exist, and even then not come to a conclusion out of fear of offending someone, or revealing that they were wrong to censor it in the first place.

  6. She is a woman!!!
    Even so, I’ll problably main her in Street Fighter vs Tekken