Street Fighter X Tekken — July 6, 2012 at 6:06 am

Editorial: 5 reasons why Street Fighter X Tekken failed


It is no secret that Capcom’s latest fighting game did not succeed in winning the hearts and minds of fighting games enthusiasts. Although the game engine was designed by Yoshinori Ono, the brain behind the successful Street Fighter IV Series, SF X Tekken was quickly regarded as the worst Capcom fighter to be released in this generation. The reasons that, i think, caused the ill-fated reception of the game, are presented, below, as 5 main points. Check them out:

5- Street Fighter IV success:

Definitely the least cause of SF X Tekken. But the huge success of the Street Fighter IV series, raised fans expectations sky high, and months before the game’s release, it was quite apparent that Street Fighter x Tekken will have a hard time living up to Capcom’s highest selling fighting game franchise: Street Fighter.

4- Online issues:

In our day and age, online netcode is a s crucial to a fighting game as it’s fighting engine. After Street Fighter 4 and Super Street Fighter 4’s good to great online experience, SF X Tekken shocked the fans by how inferior the netcode is. while it is definitely more difficult to have a lag free match (due to the fact that it is a 2 vs 2 game) the online sound issues that plagued the game really pushed some casual gamers away. What was more frustrating, is that it took Capcom more than a month to fix the, said, issue, only to introduce a worse problem.

3- Infinites and Game crashing bugs:

It is quite normal for high profile fighting games to have minor issues upon launch, but what is not normal is for a game, that relies on character balance, to have such a huge number of infinites. Many characters (kazuya, Jin, xiaoyu and others) were found to have inifinite combo that can easily ruin the game’s experience. To make matters worse, Capcom issued a patch to fix the said infinites, but only to introduce a game freezing bug that took the company a whole month to patch.

2- The DLC Fiasco:

Prior to the game’s release, Capcom announced a vita port of street Fighter X Tekken. The Vita version was set to feature 12 extra characters not available on the home console edition. Capcom later teased that these extra warriors will later be added (about 9 months after the game release) as paid DLC. While this sounds acceptable, what created a community uproar was the fact that pirates were able to hack the xbox360 version of the game and found that the, said, exclusive 12 characters are all complete and are locked inside the disc waiting for fans to purchase them 9 months later.

Soon enough, every major gaming websites picked up on the story. Fans, also, took their criticism directly to Capcom who were forced to admit that the characters are indeed finalized and locked inside the, already purchased, game.  While the game publisher tried to explain that this is a very common practice, it seemed the damage has already been done, and both Capcom and SF X Tekken, were already regarded as 2 examples of game companies greed.

1- The Gem System:

Marketed as the next evolution of fighting games, the Gem system allows players to customize the playability of their characters by activating certain power-ups (Called Gems) in order to increase damage, speed, armor etc (depending on the gem). And as some fans were skeptical, the gem system really added a layer of complexity not needed in this area. The gem system turned up to be quite confusing, and the power-up gems gave some players unmatched advantage(Auto block as an exmaple) ruining the overall experience of the game.

To make a problem even worse, Capcom introduced paid DLC Gems, giving players who can afford to spend a bit more on the game bigger advantage, as it turned out that some paid gems were more powerful than the given free ones.

The Gem system had a serious implication on tournaments. Pretty much all organizers of famous fighting games tournaments (including the EVO) decided to ban gems from such events, making the gem system unuseful, especially for those who practice at home for these tournaments.

It wouldn’t have been so bad, if only Capcom had allowed a Gem-free mode within the game. The company, however, refused to do so. And when asked about the features, most Capcom representatives would state that the game was built around gems, and are an integral part of the game.


Street Fighter X Tekken had a great premise: A fighting game where players can pick-up characters from two major franchises and fight it online. Unfortunately, a series of bad to horrible decisions from Capcom ruined the experience for fans and gave the company a bad reputation that might take a while (or an amazing new game) to wear off.

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