Street Fighter X Tekken — July 6, 2012 at 6:06 am

Editorial: 5 reasons why Street Fighter X Tekken failed


It is no secret that Capcom’s latest fighting game did not succeed in winning the hearts and minds of fighting games enthusiasts. Although the game engine was designed by Yoshinori Ono, the brain behind the successful Street Fighter IV Series, SF X Tekken was quickly regarded as the worst Capcom fighter to be released in this generation. The reasons that, i think, caused the ill-fated reception of the game, are presented, below, as 5 main points. Check them out:

5- Street Fighter IV success:

Definitely the least cause of SF X Tekken. But the huge success of the Street Fighter IV series, raised fans expectations sky high, and months before the game’s release, it was quite apparent that Street Fighter x Tekken will have a hard time living up to Capcom’s highest selling fighting game franchise: Street Fighter.

4- Online issues:

In our day and age, online netcode is a s crucial to a fighting game as it’s fighting engine. After Street Fighter 4 and Super Street Fighter 4’s good to great online experience, SF X Tekken shocked the fans by how inferior the netcode is. while it is definitely more difficult to have a lag free match (due to the fact that it is a 2 vs 2 game) the online sound issues that plagued the game really pushed some casual gamers away. What was more frustrating, is that it took Capcom more than a month to fix the, said, issue, only to introduce a worse problem.

3- Infinites and Game crashing bugs:

It is quite normal for high profile fighting games to have minor issues upon launch, but what is not normal is for a game, that relies on character balance, to have such a huge number of infinites. Many characters (kazuya, Jin, xiaoyu and others) were found to have inifinite combo that can easily ruin the game’s experience. To make matters worse, Capcom issued a patch to fix the said infinites, but only to introduce a game freezing bug that took the company a whole month to patch.

2- The DLC Fiasco:

Prior to the game’s release, Capcom announced a vita port of street Fighter X Tekken. The Vita version was set to feature 12 extra characters not available on the home console edition. Capcom later teased that these extra warriors will later be added (about 9 months after the game release) as paid DLC. While this sounds acceptable, what created a community uproar was the fact that pirates were able to hack the xbox360 version of the game and found that the, said, exclusive 12 characters are all complete and are locked inside the disc waiting for fans to purchase them 9 months later.

Soon enough, every major gaming websites picked up on the story. Fans, also, took their criticism directly to Capcom who were forced to admit that the characters are indeed finalized and locked inside the, already purchased, game.  While the game publisher tried to explain that this is a very common practice, it seemed the damage has already been done, and both Capcom and SF X Tekken, were already regarded as 2 examples of game companies greed.

1- The Gem System:

Marketed as the next evolution of fighting games, the Gem system allows players to customize the playability of their characters by activating certain power-ups (Called Gems) in order to increase damage, speed, armor etc (depending on the gem). And as some fans were skeptical, the gem system really added a layer of complexity not needed in this area. The gem system turned up to be quite confusing, and the power-up gems gave some players unmatched advantage(Auto block as an exmaple) ruining the overall experience of the game.

To make a problem even worse, Capcom introduced paid DLC Gems, giving players who can afford to spend a bit more on the game bigger advantage, as it turned out that some paid gems were more powerful than the given free ones.

The Gem system had a serious implication on tournaments. Pretty much all organizers of famous fighting games tournaments (including the EVO) decided to ban gems from such events, making the gem system unuseful, especially for those who practice at home for these tournaments.

It wouldn’t have been so bad, if only Capcom had allowed a Gem-free mode within the game. The company, however, refused to do so. And when asked about the features, most Capcom representatives would state that the game was built around gems, and are an integral part of the game.


Street Fighter X Tekken had a great premise: A fighting game where players can pick-up characters from two major franchises and fight it online. Unfortunately, a series of bad to horrible decisions from Capcom ruined the experience for fans and gave the company a bad reputation that might take a while (or an amazing new game) to wear off.

Do you agree or disagree with my opinion? Let me know in the comments section



  1. Jab. Jab jab jab jab jab jab jab jab jab jab jab jab oh you stopped blocking? Combo into 50% damage. Jab jab jab jab…

  2. I could list more:
    – Lack of fan favorites, like E.Honda, Alex, R.Mika, Miguel, Zafina and Lee.
    – Poorly implemented Tekken characters, as they have a ridiculously huge moveset.
    – Poorly implemented guest characters (MegaMan, Pac-Man, Cole, Toro and Kuro), as they have very low HPs and weak attacks. (I don’t care if they’re not gonna be used in tournaments, they should be balanced as well.)
    – the MegaMan joke, as putting Bad Box Art is one thing, not revamping his MvC moveset and make him a crappy one is another.
    – the Pandora mode, as it KILLS you after 8 seconds. Worst mecanic ever.
    – no comeback mecanics, like the Ultras or the X-Factor, and no, Pandora doesn’t count.
    – the combos are all screwed up, because technically, for all SF characters, all SSFIVAE combos that use EX moves should work in this game, but they don’t anymore.
    – weird pairings, like Nina with Kazuya and M.Bison with Juri.
    – no extra content on the horizon, because if they needed to add DLC characters on the disc, that probably mean that they won’t make new ones in the future.

  3. Which Alex? The Street Fighter grappler or the Tekken dinosaur?

  4. @Kanjilearner3309: The SF one, at least from what I read at other sites.

  5. yea i agree the game is still very good and so much fun to play but its not only capcom that ruined what could of been the greatest fighting game of our time sony also had a hand in it too by rushing capcom to release this game depsite that it was unfinished and having the hidden dlc on the disc in the first place(which sony paid capcom to do), as a fan of both Street fighter and tekken i am content of how the game is but very disappointed because this game had the potential to be a great game and failed thanks to Sony greed and capcoms bad marketing decisions my email is i would like to hear everyones opinion on this topic

  6. All i see are 8,9,10 reviews………..

    didnt fail

  7. @

    Uhhhh… where specifically did it say that Sony screwed up this game. (Please provide a source.) Doubt Sony did any underhanded tactics for this game like you so claim. I’m pretty sure (as many other people are) that it was due to how greedy Capcom has become, why the game turned out the way it did. If you don’t believe me, look at all the crap they’ve done this entire gen, rehashing same damn game, lying about not rehashing games, over milking the crap out of DLC (something that was implemented to help developers fix a game, but companies abuse it anyway), ruining established franchises, I could go on and on. I already knew this game wasn’t gonna do well (haven’t bought the game and probably won’t) because of all the bull crap they pulled. Probably threw together this game in 2 years tops. The only game I’m getting that includes this crossover is going to be Tekken x SF because unlike Capcom, Namco knows how to make a worthwhile fighting game, and doesn’t screw people over with DLC and tons of bull like Capcom does.

  8. It did not take Capcom a month to patch. It had to go thru Sony and M$ certification before release.

  9. cant argue with you there your right, capcom now a days has been very greedy and the evidence is right in everyone face, as for sony i have reason to believe that they could of also been the reason this game flopped , im not saying that it was all sony”s fault i could be wrong ,its a capcom game and capcom should take full responsibility,this is just my opinion as for a your source where i may have formed my opinion is here :


    If I remember correctly, it was Ono (Capcom) who announced that Cole was coming to SFxTekken, and showed it on the Vita version. Pretty sure he’s gonna be available on the Vita version or most likely DLC after the Vita version is released. Plus, I don’t really trust kotaku with info because they are very pro-Microsoft and anti-Sony.

  11. Number 4 is flat out wrong. From a competitive point of view, Street Fighter X Tekken has the best netcode of any disc released fighter out there. The only better ones are the GGPO enabled games like SkullGirls, 3rd Strike and MvC2. This is because, like GGPO, SFxTekken uses rollback netcode. Meaning that there is no variable input delay. When the game lags, it just desyncs and then rolls back to the last fair state. This means that combo timing is consistent with offline.

    The real issue is, aside from the sound glitches, casual players didn’t understand the rollback netcode. They saw the rollbacks and thought the game was “choppy”. The thing is off course, rollbacks are way more preferable to the game slowing down and changing the timing of combos because of this, which is what SFIV does.

    It’s pretty telling that, over at the forums, even players who were (and still are) very critical of the game in general, still praise the game’s netcode and are encouraging Capcom to keep refining it and to never go back to the SFIV netcode.

    SRK front page writer

  12. @ allhandsondeck

    either way it is what it is, i love the game im just tight because it could’ve been alot better, adding to what the article says i would of added a compelling story mode something im sure namco is gonna do with flying colors, thats just shows how lazy they got with the game ,but thanks for your input


    Sony has a lot of problems but this one isn’t one of them. First off you can’t say that Sony ‘paid’ for them to have hidden dlc. First off it’s on Microsoft for the same thing. Also the Sony exclusives, Cole, Pac-Man, etc. are free for both PS3 and Vita. Last and not least if you buy the Vita version you get not only the exclusives but codes to get the 12 dlc characters free plus 38 new costumes. And any dlc you get you get for both systems. Sony is putting up what i assume is a large sum of money to give it’s players everything for free.

    Also concerning your link, there is a difference between Publisher and Developer. Sony publishes games. There are very few that they actually have any real say in what the developers do during their process. I’m sure they make very strong hints but that’s still up to whoever is designing the game. If they say they are going to have a game ready by so and so date but some bug forces them back Sony can do nothing about that. If you look at your link again all the hardware releases, the thing that Sony does all by itself, their promises were met.

  14. @ justin yea i double checked what i wrote to realize that i wrote wasnt all true should have held on to what i was writing before writing it thanks for your input

  15. This game was so bad. They should have reused the street fighter 3 2d graphic engine. It would have been a small roster but it would have been way better than this trash! For an examle lets go back to the first street fighter alpha. It was a small character roster but the team focused more energy on cool stages,music,ending and three different typers of super moves! Street fighter alpha warriors dreams sold millions UPON MILLIONS OF COPIES BY ITSELF!!! Capcom always knew what there fans wanted back in the day! THAT WAS THE CAPCOM I FELL IN LOVE WITH A LONG TIME AGO!

  16. I don’t understand why Capcom cheating its fans, but it was their fault that hackers are able to find the 12 DLC characters on Xbox 360.