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Download Movie Gifted (2017)

GIFTED Starring: Chris Evans, Mckenna Grace, Lindsay Duncan, Jenny Slate, Octavia Spencer, Glenn Plummer, Julie Ann Emery. Directed: Marc Webb. Genre: Drama. Release: April 12, 2017 Duration: 101 min ‘Gifted’ is a movie genre Drama, […]

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Mad Catz Unveiled Stream Schedule for tonight from 8pm PST

  Coming to you live from Trinity Nightclub, Seattle; PAX officially starts here!   Mad Catz have just unveiled their stream schedule for tonight and they’ve done well!  Divekick, Killer instinct, the Exhibition match and […]

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Getting your fight on at PAX

  1 Hour remains til the doors open at PAX; Penny Arcade’s answer to a non-industry-only E3 and the FGC is being repra-ZENTED! Here’s a list of tournaments and stuff to look out for over […]

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EVO 2k12 Final Results and Grand final videos

SSF4 Grand Final:   UMVC3 Grand final:   Kof XIII Grand final:   Mortal Kombat Grand Final:   Final Results (Via Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 — Results 1. WW|Infiltration (Akuma) 2. […]

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SouthTown Arcade Ranbat Season 3 video round-ups

The past week-end saw the South Town Arcade Ranbat Season 3 finals. The event saw fighters ducking it ou in SSF4, SF X Tekken (co-op and without GEMS), UMVC3 and KOF XIII. Below is the […]

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Heroes and Heralds breakdown by Maximillian

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PS Vita’s UMVC3 trailer shows impressive features!

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A look at UMVC 3 and Blazeblue CS on the PS Vita from gameradar

The PS vita, sony’s successor to the PSP, was just released in Japan. among its launch title in the country of the rising sun, are two fighting games favourites: Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and […]

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Heroes & Heralds Cards Revealed !!!

Check out this list of cards for Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. A really nice range of characters from both sides. Imagine if they were all playable!!!

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Heroes & Heralds Mode Release Date Announced!

I was initially let down when I found out this mode wasn’t available out of the box. I wonder if Capcom did this intentionally to help keep the game relevant against competition. None the less, […]

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