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This Week in the FGC – September 20th

After the sheer mountains of Fighting Games hype that came in last week with the Capcom Cup, Street Fighter 5 gameplay footage, Chun Li’s new haircut and the potential return of the single-handed Sonic Boom, […]

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King of Fighters ’97 is now on iOS and Android

The smart-fighter scene get’s that little bit closer to legitimacy as King of Fighters ’97 makes its way onto the iOS and Android platforms. Touchscreen, arcade-stick action takes you back to the glory days of […]

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Toys! Fighting Figures Available Soon

As fall comes to a close, we take a look at some of the collectables that are coming out this winter, some of them in time for Christmas…so stay off that naughty list! Terry Bogard […]

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ANOTHER way to get the KoF XIII Beta! (now extended to Sep-6)

  Meccaz dropped a great tip the other day on getting Steam Beta access for King of Fighters XIII by pre-ordering.   Well, if that wasn’t enough to convince you, today KoF released a bunch […]

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KOF XIII PC Beta now open to those who preorder

Did you miss out on getting a Beta key for steam’s release of KOFXIII? Bummed you can’t help test out SNK’s smash hit?   If you pre-porder #KOFXIII on Steam you will now have access […]

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The King Of fighters XIII is now a free downloadable game for PS+ Members

If you are 2d fighting game fans and also happen to be a PS+ member, this is your lucky day! Sony has announced that the King of fighters XIII will be added, today, to the […]

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EVO 2k12 Final Results and Grand final videos

SSF4 Grand Final:   UMVC3 Grand final:   Kof XIII Grand final:   Mortal Kombat Grand Final:   Final Results (Via Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 — Results 1. WW|Infiltration (Akuma) 2. […]

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SouthTown Arcade Ranbat Season 3 video round-ups

The past week-end saw the South Town Arcade Ranbat Season 3 finals. The event saw fighters ducking it ou in SSF4, SF X Tekken (co-op and without GEMS), UMVC3 and KOF XIII. Below is the […]

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SpekSNK interviews SNK playmore about KOF XIII and future games including SNK vs Capcom

The folks over SpekSnk got the chance to interview SNK playmore about KOFXIII success and what is in stores from the Japanese game company. The interview was originally posted in Spanish, but thanx to Speksnk […]

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Check out this amazing KOF XIII Combo Exhibition by Combonauts

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