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Check out brand new footage of Street Fighter V from the Tai Pei game show

As we previously reported, during the currently ongoing Taipei game show, top street fighter players duck it out in an early build of Street Fighter V. Below are the great matches featuring Daigo and Gamerbee. […]

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Daigo vs. Xian: The Beast Clinic is Open for Business!

Today is a day that will live in infamy… Okay, maybe that’s a little melodramatic, but the sentiment is true. The Daigo v.s. Xian ft 10 match that took place was a spectacle to behold […]

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This Week in the FGC: Aug19 – Aug25

Since everybody has been mastering the “Dive” and “Kick” buttons this week, here’s a quick recap of what you may have missed: Mon 19th The Twitterverse comes to life with talk of Summer Jam collusion, […]

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Street Fighter IV Koryu fan made mod for PC

Much like SF2 Rainbow edition, this fan made revision of SF4 will leave you stunned looking at the crazy footage.

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Making of Street Fighter IV: voice actors interviews

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link UPDATED: The complete works of Street Fighter IV on sale + inside pictures

The recently announced Street Fighter IV complete work artbook has found its way to ebay through the great ego-trip from the excellent www.jap-sai.com Not only do we get this book  shipped worldwide but ego has uploaded […]

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SF4 tournament finals event recap

The SF4 second national tournament finals were held in Japan this past Sunday. The massive tournament ended with the victory of team momochi which consists of Momochi(akuma), Kindevu(Rufus) and RF(Sagat). The tournamnt was a 3 […]

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SF4 iphone released and already number #1 on apple’s app store

The ipod version of Street Fighter IV has been released on the apple store, and to my surprise it is already ranked as #1on the top grossing app list. I hope this will give capcom […]

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This week’s Nakky’s blog Highlights by Azrael

— National Tournament will be streamed live through Nico Nico video. — The final spot in the national tournament was reserved for the winner of the last tournament – in other words, Iyo. Iyo has […]

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Iphone’s Street Fighter IV: The Japanese Trailer!

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