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Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm Review

We’ve been through a lot with Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm. From the genesis of the beast, to the crowdfunding hype, to the whole indiegogo fund embargo, it’s been a rollercoaster of emotion for Yatagarasu fans. […]

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Soul Calibur II HD Online – First Impressions

“The Legend Will Never Die!” The Soul Calibur franchise stays true to its moniker by reviving one of the classics. Soul Calibur II’s HD remix was launched late last night for XBLA and PSN, revitalizing […]

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We Tested Killer Instinct

“I’m hoping this sucks” says my opponent as we sit down in the blacked-out Eurogamer booth “This is the only thing keeping me from pre-ordering the PS4. If it’s bad, I’ve got nothing to worry […]

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One Finger Death Punch: Review

  Available: Sept 2nd Platforms: PC/Windows, XBLA (Indie) Price: $1.00 / £0.69   I was supposed to write this review 2 hours ago…but I got stuck on a Thunderstorm Round and my kung-fu master sounded […]

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Mortal Kombat Review

If you noticed that i rarely updated the site for the past couple of days, that is because i was playing Mortal Kombat non-Stop! That is true, i got my Xbox 360 copy Early Saturday, and since […]

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The Street Fighter Blog Reviews SSF2THD Remix

Ah, feels so good to finally have my hands on SSF2T HD Remix, the one game i waited so long for, but enough of that, i give you here myReview of SSF2THD Remix: Anybody of […]

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The Street Fighter Blog reviews Street Fighter 2 Turbo #2 Comic

Street fighter 2 Turbo issue 2 came out last Wednesday, the comic is the first in the series to feature a back up story of Street Fighter IV’s new Comer Abel. How does the whole […]

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Street Fighter Blog reviews Street Fighter II Turbo #1 Comic

After almost a year and a half of absence from the comic stores shelves,  the Street Fighter comics made by Udon are now finally back! Udon has started publishing Street Fighter II Turbo series which […]

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