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Hilarious Twitterbot Has A New Fighting Game Character Idea Every Day

Ok, we have something we couldn’t resist but to share with you. Recently, while doing our hard but pleasing job of researching fighting games, we stumbled upon something that truly made us laugh. Since Hadoken.net […]

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Hadoken.net is Hiring News Writers

  We are currently looking for story writers who can cover the day to day news stories, e-sports events as well as being able to write original articles. This is a paid position If you are […]

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SNK Playmore Announces The Formation of SNK Entertainment

With every announcement from SNK-Playmore, It seems that the company is definitely planning its comeback. the last move from the Osaka based Gaming company is the announcement of the creation of SNK Entertainment , a wholly owned […]

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Hadoken.net is Finally on Facebook!

Well it sure did take us a while, but we finally have an official Facebook page. Liking us and following us on Facebook Will keep you updated on all our scoops, but you already know […]

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J-Stars Victory Vs+ Confirmed for PS3, PS4 and PSVita in NA

J-Stars Victory Vs was one of the great mash-up games of 2014, like a Super Smash Bros for anime fans (anime in the conventional sense, not the floaty-fighter kind). Combining the likes of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, […]

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Capcom USA hit with layoffs as company goes through reorganization

Reported first as a rumor, which was later confirmed, Capcom USA was hit a number of lay-offs as the company is going through reorganization> One of the employees to leave the company, willingly however, is […]

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Off Topic: Playstation 4 Launch date edition back in stock with games

Just a quick head’s up for you guys: After been sold out mere hours after its announcement, it seems that the launch edition of the highly anticipated Sony Playstation 4 is back in stock on […]

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Kickass Guile theme done in Acapella!

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Nanyang Polytechnic Chinese Orchestra plays some awesome and familiar Street Fighter tunes

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Introducing Geeks Auctions, by the same person who brought you Streetfighterblog and Hadoken

Hello there fellow Street Fighters, First of all i would like to thank you for being such awesome fans, following and commenting on my sites (whether it is this one, DailyMarvelite, or TMNTLair). These site would […]

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