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Exclusive: First Look at Udon’s Super Street Fighter Volume 2

The wait is almost over! After almost a year from Super Street Fighter vol. 1, Udon comics will soon release the second volume to comics stores everywhere. I was lucky enough to be given an […]

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Check out this stunning preview of Mortal Kombat X #1 Comic

This Wednesday will mark the release debut of Mortal Kombat X comics series. Hero Complex were kind enough to provide a stunning preview of the comic (coming out first digitally at $0.99). Enjoy: Get over here…for […]

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Udon announces free Street Fighter comic on Free Comic Book Day

Udon Entertainment, the awesome comic book company behind the awesome Street Fighter comics, has announced today that a new exclusive Street Fighter comic book will be available, for free, on free comic book day (May […]

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Spotlight: Street Fighter Vol.2: Cannon Strike

Fans of the old Udon Street Fighter runs will be pleased to know Volume 2 of Street Fighter Classic; an over-sized hardback series binding the complete works of Udon’s Street Fighter Comics, has been slated […]

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Review: Super Street Fighter Vol 1: New Generation

It sure has been a while since we got the chance to get a new Udon Street Fighter Comic! After finishing their SF2 Turbo run, the company made the decision to cancel the monthly ongoing […]

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Udon’s Super Street Fighter Vol 1: New Generation releases today!

    If you have, like me, been missing some excellent Udon Street Fighter comics, then today is you lucky day, as the publisher will release Super Street Fighter Vol1  today. The book is a […]

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New Street Fighters comic books coming from Udon plus free digital back issues

Over at the Comic con International 2012, Udon comics proved that they have not forgotten about their, excellent, Street Fighter comics series and they announced two news graphic novels that will sure get us, fans, […]

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Street Fighter IV the official complete works now is what every SF4 art fan would want!

Street Fighter IV, the complete works, is a graphic novel translated by and published by Udon which contains all the art and work done for the SF4 series (both sf4 and ssf4) with notes from […]

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a new Street Fighter motion comic coming in August, check out the 4min preview

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Street Fighter Gaiden Vol 2 Manga available in stores today

The second volume of Mami itto’s Sf manga and tralasted by Udon is hitting comic book stores shelves today. The book is a collection of short stories revolving around various Sf character. From Udon’s press […]

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