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Beast’s Fury: Indie Fighting Game


A new indie fighting game is on the horizon. After a successful indiegogo campaign, Beast’s Fury headed by project leader Ryhan based out of Australia, has steadily been showing more and more of what is planned for this new and exciting 2-d fighter.

In total the planned roster will include a cast of 15 characters based on various anthropomorphized beasts, each with a unique back-story and fighting style. In order to give you a taste of what is in store storyline-wise, let’s talk about the main character; Vincent.

His origins are fairly straightforward. He was a poor boy from a bad town, and was constantly the target of bully attacks. One day he was attacked by a trio of bullies all at once, but was saved by a mysterious female tiger-style martial artist he recognized from movies he had seen. After the incident, she introduced him to Master Razius, and although Vincent was unsure of how to act at first, he soon got caught up in his training, and agreed to do chores in lieu of payment for his lessons.

While these are just the origins of one character, a full story-mode is planned to flesh out the backstory, as well as the trials and tribulations of all fifteen fighters. At the end of story mode, 3 bosses are planned, each with 3 different transformations that will increase the difficulty of the fight. While it is unclear of how the game will decide which boss you will fight, the prospect of evolving bosses is quite titillating.

As far as gameplay goes, the information available is far from disappointing.  The basic structure of a Beast’s Fury combo will include linked normals that can be finished with a character-specific special move, sweep, super, launcher (That’s right, there’s air juggles), or what is called an ‘Ultimate Finish’, which could be compared to an ultra combo from SFIV. All of this paints the picture of a fighter ripe with the potential for creativity in gameplay styles.

Moving from the offline experience to online, the game will feature everyone’s favorite netcode GGPO, which while has not been implemented as of yet, we can assume it will work as well as other recent fighters to utilize the system.

With a wonderful art style, open-ended combo system, unique roster of characters, Individual character themes(One of which can be heard above and, in this editors opinion, sounds very good) and boss battle music, Beast’s Fury is definitely a title to keep an eye out for. A beta is scheduled for release that will include 2 stages and 3 characters, and although a release date for it is not available yet, Hadoken will attempt to stay in contact with the team as often as possible to provide new information faster than any other website. Get hype for this new game, and get ready to Beast Out!

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