Street Fighter X Tekken — March 6, 2012 at 1:54 pm

Are more SF X Tekken Quick combos presets on the way as paid DLC ?


A new feature that hackers already unlocked (and a more controversial one), is the access to more quick combo presets. The screen above shows Ryu having 5 quick combos to choose from instead of just 2. As you should know, Quick combos can be activated by hitting two buttons at the same time, which makes your character go through a stream of movements that are preset.

Looking at the preset image above, you can clearly see a cart with a check mark on it, confirming that preset combos are going to be paid DLC. Now the idea of paying for an in game movement has me very worried, especially that some of these quick combos, like Ryu’s number 5, consists of 2 hits into special into a super combo (i saw it myself) and it is quite devastating, even though it requires some meter.

What do you folks think ?