Mortal Kombat — March 28, 2011 at 12:03 pm

UPDATED: Another MK leak: Smoke “versus” portrait and more


UPDATE 3: These high quality portraits were leaked by further hacking the PS3 demo of the game. (off my mind: who seriously leaves high quality screenshots of all their character in a demo???? This is way beyond stupid)

This is the first time we see Smoke’s new design in details. The previous leaked select screen, made us think Smoke has an afro (which was weird), but with this new leak, we can clearely see that this is not the case. what do you folks think of this new leak? yay? or nay?


Pretty much everyone’s “versus” portrait has been leaked. Click on the thumbnails to see the portrait in high res.


  1. is it me or he look like raiden from the movie? hahahahaha

  2. wow a 3 fingers woman

  3. I was unsure if I liked him at first, he isn’t that bad after awhile. Now we know he doesn’t look like a rip off of Scorpion, I hope he also doesn’t play like one.

  4. we want cyber smoke & rain

  5. Quan Chi is Kratos twin brother.

  6. how is it leaked?

    some people really don’t know what leaking means:/

  7. whose that guy in red? Cyber Flesh?

  8. We don’t wan’t Cyber Smoke, we wan’t a Human Smoke with a masc who cover his hair and a Rain.

    Man Human Smoke its the better than Cyborg!

  9. Raoh says:
    March 28, 2011 at 1:43 pm

    whose that guy in red? Cyber Flesh?

    DLC slot 😉

    I don’t really like Smoke’s new look ….

    Looks like a gay fashion guy

  10. Wow, these pictures look great! Except for Sheeva’s; not that she looks bad, but her portrait is less realistic, she looks like if her portrait is hand-drawn…

    Smoke looks awesome, and Cyber Sub-Zero actually looks cool (regarding people who didn’t like his transformation, maybe in MK 10 somehow he will be transplanted back to a human body… we don’t know if any of these changes in MK9 will stick)! The women are beautiful, but they are really showing a lot of skin, aren’t they? Even Sonya is less covered than usual…

  11. Did Any One else get sent to the live XXX webcams when they came here?

  12. well anyways i just want to say Kano has a perfect beard

  13. Smoke looks much better than I thought he would from the select screen pic (which still looks awful). I’m loving it. Screw the haters haha!

  14. i think he looks awesom, hey retards his hair obviously moves thats why its all fluffy looking. the mask without the cowl is very cool makes him look mystical not another ninja clone. trolls will always say the same shit no matter what game it is. lulz.

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  16. thanks for allowing peoples computers to be exposed to malware, this site is the equivelent to a myspace page. good job it used to be a cool place to chat with real fans now its all hidden links and trolls.

  17. I think that Kitana has the best boobs fom female warriors:D

  18. Humm there is something odd about the vs cover art, I think the characters feel a little dead on their expressions. I can’t quite point out what I don’t like about them, Maybe it’s my personal preference. I wish they would have retouched these portraits and make them a bit more paintedly or more vivid. Mk2 portraits were still some of the best character portraits.

  19. if this game was compatible with the webcam super accesories on ps3 and xbox360.. that would be great and epic

  20. @Raoh that red dude looks like SEKTOR

  21. @danny2times/psn

    There are no hidden links. And i am not sponsoring any adult material. Please explain how did you get redirected to another site?
    what did you click on to be sent to an adult site?

  22. Loving ur coverage or MK
    Great site keep it up

    Digging cyber zero maybe just for play but story wise might be anything- we see once have the game

  23. @strugler sorry for gettin salty bro, i clicked on the the select image and it pulled up the pic on the first one no problem. but when i closed it a screen opened asking if i wanted to chat with live girls or some crap, i just x’d it out then clicked the red guy and boof i got redirected to some porn site. i got a little miffed as my 3 year old daughter was standing right next to me.

  24. Some of these look pretty good… Whilst others look like stuff you’d see on a fan-art message board (granted, the better stuff on those boards). I think the Smoke one looks like something I’d have done in high school, honestly (And that’s coming from someone that doesn’t really take his art seriously or actively kept developing it)…Okay, maybe not the metallic texture on the armor… but the skin, hair and arm/hand just look blah and generic.

    Though, again – a lot of these do look good overall. Of course, these could have been pseudo-placeholder portraits (or first-draft) of some of these characters. That wouldn’t be surprising at all.

  25. @arlington Cruz: I know EXACTLY what you mean. The character portraits look really unfinished and unpolished. Their expressions and poses look dead and amateurish. The grayish skin tones makes everyone look dead as well. Sheeva’s portrait is one of the worst.

    You’re also right about MKII having the best character portraits.

  26. kano doesnt look right

  27. also dont care too much for smokes hair, i still support the game tho

  28. i bet the red guy is cinder from killer instinct as an xbox exclusive character

  29. I hate Kratos, why did he appear in MK?I dont get it, he ruins the old Fashioned Mortal Kombat.Fuck you Kratos

  30. I am the only one that can see that Smoke style looks like Rei from Fist of the North Star?

    Every time I see his vs art I think he will just go jumping around ans screaming HOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!! while cutting people to shreds with his Nanto Suichoken.

  31. @nando. Glad you notice that too man. Yeah wish the artwork on them was better, but at least hope the gameplay is still fun.

  32. @danny2times/psn

    i have been trying to recreate the issue but nothing so far. It could be an issue from the host site of the images, although i did not happen for me.

    Anyways i am sorry if you were sent to a porn site, if i recreate the problem and found the source of it i will fix it. I believe it is the images host website.

    And just to be clear, does not and will not advertise or support adult websites, gambling and scam sites.

  33. I like how sonya’s combat vest offers maximum protection…. btw where’s sindel!??!

  34. oops, nevermind

  35. I got redirected to the livejasmin site. Occasionally you when viewing the larger images a popup for Save Enviroment, Use Wind Energy will pop up. Has a picture of a wind mill. If you click it (did accidently) it will redirect you to livejasmin.

  36. Hey Strugler, I got that livejasmine thing too. I got it to repeat and this is how: I opened a browser that I don’t use often and doesn’t have AdBlock, cleared the history (cache, cookies, history) and clicked on one of those pictures above. An ad may or may not show but if you click on the ad or the enlarged picture of the MK character, you should go to livejasmine. lol It sucks. I know…

  37. Sindel looks awful her body doesn’t match her very “mature” face I understand that she’s old but damn she looks terrible! I don’t like her redesign. In Armageddon she looked mature but still beautiful without crows feet and bags. And sheeva looks bad too, her bone structure was better in Armageddon also. Armageddon had some great versus portraits they had personality in them and now these dont.