July 24, 2010 at 2:31 pm

SDCC 2010: Street Fighter X Tekken announced !!! as well as Tekken X street Fighter


This just got announced seconds ago!!! Street Fighter vs Tekken is indeed real and a trailer was just shown at the SDCC Sf panel! We will be  uploading the trailer as soon as it becomes available.

The trailer shows dan smashed against a wall and Ryu and Kazuya Mishima fighting each other in an ink style trailer. Street Fighter X Tekken will be coming to PS3 and Xbox 360 next year.

Ono then surprised everyone by showing a demo of the game. The game plays like SF4, which mean strictly 2d gameplay with 3d models.

UPDATE: this is just in!!! Harada san, tekken producer, announced that another game titled Tekken X street fighter (namco style) is also in developpement

Street Fighter vs. Tekken screen shot #1

Street Fighter vs. Tekken screen shot #2

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  1. LMAO!!!! This should be neat.

  2. STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN! Is the real name of the game. They have been planning this for a year now.



  5. Side step Ryu!!!!!!!! You know, it’s where you move back and forth to avoid fireballs. It’s like the roll system or plain change, just REALLY, REALLY HAPPY!

    Come on Ryu you can do it……..NO! That was a jump……NO your moving back and forward……….OK for the love of GOD that was a roll!!!!! Stop!!

    Watch out Ryu don’t get knocked down!!!! OH yeah this is the part where you get hit 128 times in a row laying on the ground, trying to get up. Yeah you don’t have a wake up DP to mash out in this game.

    In order to do a DP you have to put in the imputs for COLD FUSION! Good luck with that.

    No Ryu, The NAMCO version will be the one that sells 3 million less copies. I know right Capcom should have given the rights to Darkstalker characters to Namco would have been a better game.

    Hey someone has to do it and looks like Ono San has said OH! NO! to the project.

    No RYU!!!!! You can’t tell anyone who the 2 hidden characters are in SSF4 arcade. Maybe at Tokyo Game show.

    I love you too RYU, good luck in the Iron Fist fall down tourney.

  6. well i forgot that it has to be moderated…


  7. Oh k? The Street Fighter gameplay will work but the tekken version is gonna be horrid. Playing as chun li and not being able to get up cause your getting juggled like bowling pins is gonna be fun (Sarcasm)

  8. Yeah just saw the video…….The Capcom version is going to be sweet. Bite my tounge off!!!!

    Remove my foot from my mouth. Wow that was sweet. Team supers? Is this going to be like Tekken Tag?

    I am going to say these words and it will be sad. I am looking forward to a TEKKEN game.

  9. @Greedy McNasty Actualy this is more SF than Tekken so don’t fill bad.

  10. This is just gonna be insane. the vids just made my day. This is tooooooo damn cool. not only that, but they showed kazuya representing Tekken rather than Jin. Jin is cool but Kazuya is the man. See, Capcom knows what theyre doing. Theyre not going to make an unbalanced game. Cant wait to buy this game.


  12. Well as far as I know there will be two versions of the game: Street Fighter X Tekken(SF4 Engine) and the Tekken X Treet Fighter(Tekken Engine). The reason why they did this was probably to please everyone with the two engines. Some people like the Tekken Engine and some people like the Street Fighter Engine.

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  18. is everyone a fucking sf dick rider or sumthing, for one how hard is it to play a game where you spam fire balls until your opponent gets in close enough to upercut the shit out of them in that same order,and im not a tekken dick rider either i just like a good fighting game when i see one and this is coming from someone who deaply loves them both |:v|

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